Solo Walk from £15*

Is your dog nervous?

If so the solo walk is the option for you, they will get taken to an open space such as Tatton Park and be walked for an entire 60 minutes. However if you have a place where you’d prefer us to go then just let us know!

1hr Walk

£18 When you book 1-4 per week

£15 When you book 5+ per week 

£8 Per Additional Dog



Group Walk from £11*

Our Group walk is aimed at dogs who love to be in a pack and socialise, we walk a maximum of 4 per walk as we don’t want them to be to crowded, we normally take them to places such as Tatton Park, Toft Wood and Bexton Hall

Your dog will get 60 minutes of walking

1 Hour walk

£12 When you book 1-4 per week

£11 When you book 5+ per week

£8 Per Additional Dog




30 Minute House Visit

This is the best option for if you prefer your dog to be entertained in their own home. With our house visits we tailor them to each individual dog. Wether he needs lots of play time or just someone to feed and give lots of cuddles.

We recommend this option if you have a newly born puppy.

£12 When you book 1-4 visits per week

£10 When you book 5+ visits per week

Home Boarding 

£35 When you book 1-2 days per week 

£30 When you book 3-4 days per week

£25 When you book 5+ days per week

£15 Per Additonal Dog 





Pet Transportation

Do you need your dog transported to the vets, taken to a holiday home? 

£5 call out fee

£1.50 per mile

Please ask for a quote for distances larger than 10 

Contact us to book

07534 303 486 / 0333 009 1029